The Performance

1. What time will the band arrive?

Generally for an evening performance the band would arrive at around 5:30pm to make sure they are at the venue in good time and start setting up their equipment. Ideally you would want the room vacated so that the band can sound check and make a bit of noise! If not the band can be as discrete as possible loading in and set up quietly doing a quick line check before starting their set. If you need the act to be there earlier than 5:30pm there may be an additional fee for this. 

2. How long does it take the band to set up?

Around an hour max should be enough for most bands to load in and set up. However this depends on how many members are in the band. The more members there are in the band the longer the set up time! 

3. How long will the band play for?

Standard set length times are 3 x 40 minutes and 2 x 60 minutes of live music. Our recommendation is to have 2 x 60 minutes as it flows better and the band will only have to get the dance floor filled twice instead of three times. You want people dancing after all! For drinks receptions or background music you may only require 2 x 45 minutes of live music. 

4. How long are the intervals?

Most bands will take a break for around 30 minutes between sets during this time they would play some ipod music if required to keep the party going. 

5. What time should the band start playing?

It's really up to you when you want the band to start playing but as a guide 8:30/9pm is probably the best time to get things going. 

6. Will the band learn a specific song to be played at our Event/Wedding?

Most bands will learn and play a first dance for you as part of the booking fee. It's best to check this in advance as some bands would require an extra fee. Playing the song on an ipod through the pa system is always an option if you would like to hear the original version of the song.

7. Can we choose the set list?

Feel free to have a look through the bands set list and specify any songs that you would like or maybe some that you really don't like at all! Best to keep in mind that the band will have a set in place that flows well that they play week in, week out. They may even change the set as they go along depending on the crowd and which songs they think would work best. 

8. Does the band provide music between and before sets?

Your band will have playlists for background music and party music to play through their pa system which will be included in the booking fee, You are also more than welcome to make your own playlists and bring them with you to play through the pa system. 

9. What will the band wear?

Bands will be dressed accordingly depending on the event but most of the time bands will be wearing smart clothes such as shirt, trousers and shoes etc. 

10. Will the band require refreshments?

Knees Up request that our acts are provided with free refreshments during their time at the venue as well as a meal. Most bands will set off at around 2pm and get home at around 2am so a substantial meal is always appreciated! 

Booking a Band

1. How do I confirm a booking?

Once you have found a band you like to hire and want to confirm the booking we would require your name, address as well as the address of the venue. We would then send you a contract which includes our full terms & conditions. The contract will need to be signed by you along with the band. We would also require a 15%-20% deposit to secure the booking. 

2. Why is the price quoted higher than the price on the website?

The prices listed on the Knees Up site are starting from prices so can be used as a guide to start with. The fee will vary depending on the type of day and time of year. For example a Saturday during the summer would be peak time for our bands. 

3. Are there any hidden fees such as VAT?

No, all fee's such as VAT are included in the price.

4.Does the price quoted include travel costs and expenses?

Yes prices quoted for our bands will include all travel expenses. 

5.What if the band or member of the band can't make it on the day?

If for some reason a member of the band of the band can't make the date due to unforeseen circumstances the band leader will endeavor to find a suitable replacement. Most bands have a network of musicians they can call on in this situation called 'dep' musicians. 


The Venue

1.Does the band provide their own PA system/Sound equipment?

The vast majority of the bands on our site will provide all equipment including pa system and basic lighting. 

2.Do we need to hire a raised stage?

A stage is a great addition to the look of the band but not essential in making the evening a success. 

3.What are the minimum power requirements for the band?

Most bands require at least 2-3 independent 13 amp sockets. This will vary depending on the size of the band and sound system. 

4.Is the band PAT tested with adequate public liability insurance (PLI)?

Yes all of our bands have PAT testing and PLI documents in place should your venue require them. These can be provided on request. 

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